Concept and architecture

SHIFT, an inspiration

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield creates office spaces that address the needs of tomorrow’s businesses. SHIFT is conceived to facilitate the transformation toward those more collaborative ways of working that will help employees thrive.
Our approach is based on a key finding:
« It is no longer enough to attract and retain talent; they need to be inspired » Harvard Business Review, 2012
« From the point of view of workers, tomorrow’s companies will be communities before being an organizational chart. » « L’entreprise ouverte », par Bertrand Moine (Digital Village) & Grégoire Epitalon (LBMG Worklab)

SHIFT is built on five pillars:


SHIFT pulses with energy and light right up to its summit.


SHIFT opens up the workspace to simplify communication.


SHIFT creates multifunctional spaces that adapt to every occupant’s needs.


SHIFT encourages relaxation and collaboration on its garden terraces.


SHIFT brings people together around common values and a meaningful urban ecology project.

The world is changing and this inspires SHIFT

« SHIFT is resolutely avant garde; the building has been totally imagined to foster new ways of working. The transparent and purposefully contemporary exterior architecture reveals the interior’s potential, a structure conceived to create adaptable spaces that enable total freedom of use.
In a dialogue with its environment, SHIFT is an efficient tool usable to transform the office into something open, de-compartmentalized and inspiring for employees, a place prepared for ecological and economic challenges of our time. »

Antonio Frausto, Arte Charpentier Architectes

SHIFT is a natural cocoon.
The vertical white slats bring character to the facade. Inspired by biomimetics, they form a purposefully irregular surface that brings the building to life.
They are SHIFT’s living architectural envelope.

SHIFT is a vibration.
From the street, the facade creates a kinetic effect.
The alternating white and glass create a waveform that runs the length of the building.
It’s SHIFT’s architectural musicality.

SHIFT is a magnet for light.
Its facades, completely in glass, create transparence. Natural light reflects off the white slats and illuminates the interior spaces.
It’s the inside-outside architectural dialogue of SHIFT.

Environmentally conscious