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SHIFT grows ideas and strawberries on its rooftop terrace

Nature is at the heart of SHIFT. With its 1800 m² of private terraces, loggias and balconies, SHIFT incorporates plant life into the architecture to create inspiring workspaces where people can reconnect with nature.

As soon as you enter, SHIFT is conceived like a garden that offers workers open-air tree-lined patios.

SHIFT doesn’t stop there. On upper floors, several balconies and loggias offer opportunities to stop and catch your breath.
SHIFT is an ambitious 2 600 m² rooftop terrace including alternative open air areas that create opportunities for employees to exchange ideas and have lunch together on sunny days.

SHIFT makes lunch fun again. Its restaurants have verdant terraces on which to relax.

Les espaces verts de SHIFT
Logo de la marque sous les fraises

SHIFT’s innovations reach all the way to the sky with a rooftop urban farm for residents.

On its rooftop, a large landscaped terrace gives employees places to meet and unwind, but also alternative workspaces to strengthen the bonds between coworkers.

These shared gardens can occasionally be turned into reception spaces for business seminars, cocktail parties or after work evenings. During summer time, a salad bar and a barbecue are available to ensure high-quality break times. The occupants can reconnect with nature and… sample the strawberries, raspberries, chili peppers and tomatoes that grow there. What better way to eat local? Even the rainwater is recycled.

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